We use our years of experience to help you solve your problems.

Black Shirt is a mobile and web design consultancy, building websites and applications for businesses small and large. Whether it is a simple branding site for an individual just starting out, or a custom database-driven application to drive a new product or service, Black Shirt will use it's 20 years of web and application development experience to help you solve these problems together.

Can you help us with...?

We think we can. You can see a more specific list of past projects below, but we have experience with large projects in the publication and construction industries, building application designs for consumer credit industries and bond markets, and have worked on smaller more personal projects for non-profits and charities, and branding sites for professions ranging from artists to doctors.

Some examples of what we have done and can do for you.

  • Designed and developed a email newsletter system, allowing for custom newsletter designs and a system for sending newsletters to hundreds of thousands of readers daily.
  • The design of an electronic work order system to handle both digital and physical orders for publications.
  • Front end design and javascript programming for the trading environment for a leader in the development of equitable and informed bond markets.
  • Designed and developed an iOS application for a national construction newspaper.
  • Database design and management to hold millions of pieces of individual data to be accessed through a web site.
  • Non-profit charity work that included design, branding and programming.
  • Online store design and maintenance.

Where can this work be seen?

In places like Construction Equipment Guide, a national construction trade publication, DelphX, a leader in the development of equitable and informed bond markets, Paramount Capital Group, a consumer credit organization, HoneyBee Gardens, a natural care products retailer, and Grow for the Cure a charity fighting lung cancer, and many others.